The Copilot For Teams And Ecosystems

We’re building a fullstack, privacy-focused LLM platform that allows teams and ecosystems to create interactive AI assistants and Code Copilots trained on their ingested data sources and add them quickly to their community.
Choose between a Hosted instance for extra security and a Managed integration for a smooth setup.

Empower your community on Your Own Terms

What sets us apart is our focus on high-level customization and data privacy. Our platform allows communities and startup businesses to customize data sources and manage the knowledge base integration in a way that guarantees the relevance and precision of the information our AI solution provides. Additionally, we help ecosystems and users deploying our platform achieve robust data protection compliance like GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, CAIQ, and HIPAA.

Interactif Features

Empowering Developer Copilots

ChatGPT for your knowledgebase. Harness the power of trained conversational AI chatbots to transform the way your ecosystem developers find answers to questions.

Privacy First with Self-Hosting Option

Private and no data leaks. Take control of your data whilst meeting GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, CAIQ, and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Real-Time Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Safeguard

Our platform offers a robust layer of protection to enterprise users, ensuring sensitive information like email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card details stay confidential when interacting with AI interfaces.

We Live Where Your Community Lives

Seamless integration with your favourite tools and platforms. Discord, Website, Slack, Docs, Telegram and lots more

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

One powerful admin insights dashboard to stay on top of everything

Made for Developers

VSCode Extension that helps you Generate Code, Document Code, Explain Code, Generate Tests, Find Bugs and Diagnose Errors.

Custom Encoder and Open Source AI Models

Empower your community with a custom encoder and OSS Models that will supercharge the accuracy of information gotten from your data sources and users' productivity.


Hosted Instance for Extra Security with Dedicated Servers, Access Control and Auditable Logs

Meet The Team

Abdul-Hakeem Omotayo

PhD. Candidate @ UC Davis. M.S. in Mathematics. Former AI Reseach SDE @ Microsoft. Passionate about fair, scalable, responsible and trustworthy AI Systems Research. Recipient of Google’s CS Research and J.P. Morgan’s Quantitative Research Mentorship Programs.

Mahmud Adeleye


M.Sc. Computing Science. Cloud-Native Software Engineer with 6+ years of extensive work experience architecting, developing, and testing scalable web and software applications for innovative companies. Passionate about empowering Developer communities.

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Conversational AI Assistants

Developer Copilots

Real-Time PII Safeguard

Your data is complely secured with us. We don’t share with anyone.

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